The principles of effective web design

No matter how good the web site looks to you as a web designer, the users will always be the true judge of it. It is the user statistics that tell how effective your web design is. Web designing is not just about making the website look visually attractive; it is much more about how it functions and how user friendly it is.

The poorly designed websites do not perform well and do not get the good search engine rankings as well. So, one may wonder, what are the principles of effective web design? Here are some of the ways to make your website visually more appealing, more engaging, easier to use, and thus more effective.

Clear Purpose

A good design is the one which is in alignment with the users’ needs. Whether your website is informative, for entertainment, to generate interactions, or to carry out the business transactions, you will have to keep the needs of the users in mind. The purpose of web design must be very clear. It is not just the website but the purpose of every single page must be clear. It should be able to meet the needs of the users through that purpose.

Proper communication

The visitors to your website are looking for information and they want to be able to get the information quickly. This is the reason why it becomes extremely important to make the communication of the information through the web elements easy and clear. The information on the web pages should be legible and easy to comprehend. There are some important aspects of arranging information that make the communication easier. They include bullet points, headings and sub headings, and neat layout.

 The right typefaces

Use the fonts that are easier to read. The font you choose can have a huge impact on the overall appearance. It is best to use the Sans Serif fonts such as Calibri, Verdana, or Arial. But there are many other Sans Serif web fonts available. Many are free and some are paid. Choose wisely. Also, keep the font size to 16px for best reading. Do not use more than three typefaces. Also, do not use more than 3 font sizes. This will keep your design much more streamlined.

The right colours

Colours play an extremely important role during the web design. The rightly chosen colours can truly enhance the experience. It is vital to choose the colours that complement each other so that you can create the balance and harmony. It is also very important to use the contrasting colours strategically in order to make your text more legible. Bold, striking, and vibrant colours should be used frugally. They should be limited to buttons such as call to action buttons. There should also be ample amount of white space. This makes sure that the site doesn’t look cluttered.

Use images

Using relevant, high-quality images could create a huge impact on your target audience. If it is not possible to shoot your own images, you can consider buying the stock images.

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