Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

As we know that the diamond rings are love by all women. Women love to adorn their fingers and take great pride in flaunting a diamond ring. Diamond engagement rings seem to have become popular with the women. The ethnicities of Diamond rings have a charm of their own. If you are looking to gift your woman one we can guide you through some important points so that you can buy a good but cheap engagement ring by custom ring settings.

In order to customize your ring, you should know about the mounting of diamonds on the rings as they majorly contribute in making that unique engagement ring settings complete its look for you. If you are searching for Custom Build My Engagement Ring so you are at the right place.

The some diamond rings settings

Channel Setting

Channel setting has a row of diamonds adjourned by separate seats cut into each side of the channel. This is mostly used to make wedding bands or for side diamonds used in an engagement ring.

Prong Setting

In this setting there are small claws that clasp up to hold the diamond. They are primarily used to hold a large centre stone; however they hold to smaller stones as well. There are four or six prongs mostly that allow you to see the diamond distinctively.

Halo Setting

With the halo setting the rings centre stone is secured with a rim adorned with pave underneath, channel set or individual set diamonds. It gives a feminine and subtle look to the ring and the sides can be round or can be squared off.

Invisible Setting

The invisible setting creates an impression of a diamond surface by assembling a grid of princess cut or square diamonds set alongside each other. There are special channels that have cut in them that let free underneath and make them even with the metal surrounding the diamond’s grid outline, giving an impression that nothing is holding them together. This gives your ring a unique look and contemporary look.

Pave and Micro – pave

The word says it all, and is to pave the surface of a ring with small diamonds. Many women desire delicately designed rings and this is setting helps to make one. Tiny prongs are created from the metal to hold the stones in their place. There are some designs that use very small diamonds and is called micro-pave.

Bezel Setting

In this setting the metal is shaped around the diamond and the top of the stone evenly sits to the edge of the setting. There can be a full bezel which is designed to enclose the full diamond and a partial bezel that covers only two sides of a diamond.

You can combine these various ring settings and use to create a quirky design of your own and to create a unique engagement ring setting for that special moment. We recommend you the best place for that Petra Gems.

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