Beginners guide to the different types of automotive keys

There are some times when you need to pick the best types of automotive keys on the market, but one has to figure out which one is best for you. In fact, there are multiple types of automotive keys so it’s a good idea to understand what each one does and why would you need one over the others.

Transponder key

This particular automotive key is designed to integrate a microchip. Basically, it’s electronically coded and integrated into a plastic body. This type of key has been used for the past 21 years and it continues to be very popular. However, the code on the microchip needs to be assigned to the car and both codes need to match in order for the car to start.

Remote controls

These are popular with the modern cars and they allow you to open or close the trunk as well as the car doors. Some models will even allow you to turn off the car alarm if you so desire. Usually these work with radio transmitters or infrared and manage to help you obtain a very good value at all times.

Rolling codes

This sends a new code to the car each time you use it. This means you will be able to obtain a very good value and outstanding results all while being able to protect your car the right way. People like this type of keys because it delivers a very good security feature.

Master keys

Master keys are mostly found at dealers and they aren’t really used by car owners most of the time. Still, there are people that use it and car locksmiths that address situations which pertain to them. These were not designed for cars in the first place but things did change in the 90s and that’s when they became quite popular. That’s what makes these great car keys well worth the time investment and you should totally give them a shot immediately.

In conclusion, there are many types of automotive keys and each one has its own set of properties. The transponder keys are very popular since they offer a good balance between protection, ease of use and convenience. If you always wanted a great experience then you should consider having a duplicate key just in case something happens. It’s helpful and it will deliver great results for sure. Keep this in mind as a good alternative!

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