5 Reasons to Consider Cloud Hosting Option

There are many merits and benefits of moving to a cloud computing platform, and this is definitely revolutionizing the businesses all around the world use information technology.

For startup companies, the cloud offers an important differentiator. For the first time, anybody with a vision can start a company and have it up and running quickly on an enterprise-model IT facility, that’s flexible enough to allow growth. What’s more, it requires minimal up-front capital expenditure.

For small to medium sized companies that may not have large in-house IT infrastructure, the cloud affords them more time to concentrate on running their business rather than their information technology. They can leverage an extensive portfolio of computing, storage and networking services, on a cost-effective scale of demand as the business expands. They will also be able to deliver faster to the market than what was previously applicable.

Semi-large enterprises often have complex hosting needs, including different departmental and company-wide infrastructure needs. And for those high traffic websites and demanding applications, the cloud provides the ability to reduce costs and deliver increased functional efficiency, productivity, dexterity and flexibility.

Adrian Grant, the CEO of Umbrellar Cloud Hosting, says that more businesses are switching to a cloud hosting plan because they realise how much more efficient it is for their operations.

The following are reasons to switch to a cloud computing plan:

  1. Reduced costs

Businesses can avoid large capital expenditure on hardware and upgrades. The cloud can also enhance cost-efficiency by more carefully fitting your cost plan to a revenue/demand plan- taking your business from a capital-intensive cost model to an opex one.

  1. Cope with demand

Surely, you know what IT facility you need today, but can you be so certain about your business’ future requirements? As your business grows, the cloud environment will grow with it. When demand is unpredictable or you need to try out a new application, you can scale capacity up or down, while only paying for what you use.

  1. Focus on your business rather than IT

It can be time consuming –not to mention distracting—when you have to monitor your infrastructure 24 hours a day, especially when you have your core business to run. A managed cloud solution mean that your hosting provider will take this responsibility from you. In addition to monitoring your IT facilities and securing your data, your host providers will be on standby to provide pre-emptive and creative solutions to its operations. You will also receive expert guidance and support necessary to ensure that your IT infrastructure is working efficiently 24 hours every day.

  1. Innovation and business lead

The ever-changing business environment means that your IT facilities have to be agile in order to adapt quickly. With a cloud infrastructure, you can easily deploy new projects and make them live immediately. This keeps your business at the forefront of innovation and a leader in your industry.

  1. Better security and compliance

For many businesses, protecting their data facilities from loss or damage by employing a strict regulation and compliance policy is a top priority. By using a cloud service from a hosting provider, this responsibility no longer falls squarely on your shoulders. Your cloud host provider can install a resilient/agile program at infrastructure level to boost security. They are generally more secure than traditional IT infrastructure.

  1. Reduce your carbon foot print

Hosting in a data as opposed to your own premises, allows you to leverage the latest power efficient technology. In addition to that, cloud service providers host many customers on shared infrastructure, and can efficiently manage scarce resources such as water, energy and space. This helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Prepare your business for the future

Our modern world is fast paced and internet-driven. The demand for data and accessibility from any device, anywhere is a driving factor. Embracing the cloud enables you to stay in tune with emerging trends and remain competitive. You will also be able to store large quantities of data that is important for your business.

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